Project Transportation Solution


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    Relying on advanced freight technology and engineering management capabilities, the GlO team carefully arranges cargo loading and unloading lashing to meet the technical requirements of windpower facility transportation. At present, it has provided high-quality transportation services for major wind power manufacturers such as Vestas and GE

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    Subway carriage+Vehicles

    Automobiles, subways, locomotives and other goods requires overall arrangement scheduling and operation due to their large size, heavy weight and high value. GIO'stechnical team cooperates with ship dispatching, port captains,ship crews, etc., to fully grasp the characteristics of locomotive transportation in each operation link, and take correct measures and methods to ensure safety.

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    Non-standard containers

    How to efficiently consolidate non-standard containers has alwaysbeen a problem and challenge in the industry, focusing on its core competitiveness, the GlO team summarized a set of industry-leading solutions on the basis of rich case accumulation, with the advantages of high timelines and low cost.