• GE tower transportation case


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    Save 1 month for customersand ensure that the construction periocis carried out on time

    When: July 2022

    Shipment: 13 Sets/65 Tower Sections

    Port of loading: Jiangyin Port, China

    Port of discharge: Port of Ferrol, Spain

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    Wind tower equipment is ahigh-value item, and the customer GEis a world-renowned enterprise withvery high requirements for safety andtime.

    The GlO team's pioneering use ofbulk carriers to transport towers notonly solved the time-sensitiveindustry problem, but also greatlyreduced transportation costs.

    As the first company in China toreplace special shipping towers withbulk carriers, GlO has formed its owrcharacteristic wind power transportation solutions for bulk carriers.

  • Vestas blade transport case


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    Fast consolidation, savingcustomers more than 30% of freight

    When: 2021

    Shipment: 36 pieces of fan blades

    Port of loading: Qinhuangdao/Tianjin, China

    Port of discharge: Port of Suape , Brazil

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    The consolidation of wind turbine blades not only tests the engineering ability of the technical operation team, but also has high requirements for the category and time of consolidation. In 2021, on the route between China and Brazil, the GlO team performed eight voyages, each quickly consolidating a total of 40,000 tons of steel in one week. This achieved the fastest consolidation speed in the industry, ensuring that customers goods were delivered on time, while reducing freight costs by 30%-40%.During this time, the technicalteam accurately calculated the breaking force and ensured safety.

  • Southern Petrochemical Pe-troleum Exploration Equipm-ent Transportation Case

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    Unique logistics plan withdoor to door service


    When: 2023

    Shipments: 60,000 freight tons

    Port of loading: Port of Tianjin, China

    Port of discharge: Pointe-Noire, Congo

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    The China-Africa route is animportant node of the "Belt andRoad", and the importance of theproject is self-evident. The transpor-tation task of petroleum explorationequipment of Southern Petrochemicalfaced the characteristics of tight timeand heavy tasks.

    In order to maximize efficiencyand reduce time, the GlO teamprovided customers with end-to-endservices for the first time, covering theentire process of loading, transporta-tion and unloading. At the same timeusing scientific calculations andrational distribution, one Mpp shipwas loaded with the volume of cargoof 2-3 ships.